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taylormomsenfan's Journal

R O C K E R * C H I C ~ grunge meets chanel
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Taylor Momsen Fans

This is a community for fans of Taylor Momsen, who currently plays Jenny Humphrey on the CW's Gossip Girl, and fronts The Reckless, a rock band signed to Interscope Records.


1. When posting icons use no more than four teasers. ALL of your teasers must be related to Taylor. No linking to a locked entry.

2. All spoilers go under a cut.

3. Do not disable comments on your entry. Don't make your text all wonky and colorful.

4. News on Taylor, pictures, and the like are encouraged.

5. No fanfiction allowed.

6. Community promotions and friending memes are allowed if it directly relates to Taylor. For example, a general Gossip Girl RP or friending meme would NOT be okay here, but a Blair/Jenny community or Nate/Jenny friending meme would.

7. Tag your entries.

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